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Copyright © 2014 CraneGuy Corp. All rights reserved

Copyright © 2014 CraneGuy Corp. All rights reserved

Overhead Crane Inspections

Most overhead cranes are an integral part of the day to day operations of most businesses. A crane that breaks down can affect timelines in getting projects completed, slow down the ability to ship products as well as increasing labour costs by having employee's unable to complete their tasks efficiently. Companies are also required by the Alberta Occupation Health and Safety Act to have their overhead cranes inspected in accordance with CSA Standard B-167-96 (R2007) which specifies a minimum of once a year based on the classification of the crane.

 We here at Crane Guy Corp can help you stay compliant with todays legislation with our indepth inspection program. We send out our trained technicians to inspect your crane and repair any minor deficiencies, adjust all braking systems as needed and make sure all components have the right amount of lubrication to prolong the usefullness of your crane. Once the inspection is completed you are provided with a written report of any and all deficiences that still aquire attention along with a quote to complete the repairs. These reports are delivered by hand and explained to you so that you may make informed decisions on which repairs need to be done right away and what can be done at a later time. All your crane information is kept track of here at our offices so when your crane inspections come due we will contact you to set up your next round of inspections thereby keeping your company compliant with the Alberta OH&S Act. We can do your inspections by the hour or give you a package price to do them all and there are no contracts to sign, we believe our professionalism and honesty is enough to keep you coming back.

Crane Service & Repair & Modification

While Crane Inspections on an annual basis will prevent most major breakdowns, there is still the day to day activities that can cause your crane to go out of service. Our team of technicians are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get you back up and running with the least amount of downtime possible. In most cases we will be there the same day and have your crane running within a reasonable time to ensure your business stays in business.


If your crane is not living up to your expectations or your finding that using it is getting more difficult as you business changes, we can help. We will take a look at what your using your crane for and how it is used and give you recommendations on ways to improve your operation of it. If it needs a hoist upgrade or even relocation to make it more usable we have the ability to certify or re-engineer the crane to get it to your standards, our experience in the crane industry will help you get the most out of your equipment without needless add-on's or gadgets and ensure that what you get works for you.

Warranty Depot

We are an authorized warranty depot for Jet “Material Handling and Electric Hoists”                                                                     

Crane Operator Safety Training

On the successful completion of the course, each attendee is issued a certificate of completion which is valid for three years, the course workbook and a handy rigging guide is also theirs to keep for future reference. Crane Guy also realizes that it is not always practical, for you the client, to shut down operations to train your employees which is why their are two options to choose from to get this training. The first option is to do the training at site with the benefit of using the cranes that are normally used in the day to day operation, the second option is to do the training here at the Crane Guy offices which will allow for less operational interference at site and the ability to send one or two employees at a time. In the interest of making the training informative and enjoyable the class sizes are kept to 8 or 10 students, this allows for better interaction with the instructor and better retention by the student.

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